We have prepared a list of our top 5 tips you can follow to optimise your storage space.

1. Use boxes or clear plastic crates for organising and packing your things

It is better to spend a little more on packing materials like boxes or clear plastic crates when organising your stuff to be stored. Piling boxes or crates upwards is better than just putting or throwing everything in. Using clear plastic crates for storing your things can be really useful as they allow you to keep track and see your items easier and faster without having to dig through them.

2. Sort your things beforehand and donate/sell what you won’t be using in the future

Spend a little more time and effort in sorting your things out. This way, you will be able to see and separate those you will need in the future and those that you won’t. Donate or sell these unnecessary things, don’t let them take up more space and ultimately cost you more money.

3. Disassemble furniture

Furniture like chairs, tables or cabinets can take up a lot of space, so it’s better to disassemble them before storing. Make sure you keep all the parts in a labelled box and voila, you save a lot of space, making room for other stuff you may wish to store away.

4. Take an inventory of the things you store and label everything

For easy tracking, keep an inventory or list of things you store and where you place them. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just list down and put the location. Number or label the boxes where you put your stuff for your reference. This will help you track your things when you need them and you don’t have to dig in every box.

5. Place stuff you need frequent access to at the front of your storage unit

Keep the stuff you frequently need access to towards the front so you won’t have to turn the unit upside down to find something. And make sure to leave a space inside the unit where you can  browse through your boxes or crates and where you can access your things placed on both sides and at the back.

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